Limit of Liability

Affordable Moving & Storage offers two types of protection while in transit and in storage. AMS is not responsible for items not packed and/or unpacked by AMS. Coverages are good for perils in which AMS is covered.

Please Note: When choosing the Declared Value Protection of your shipment, you must select a level of coverage that accurately represents the total value of the items that will be in the care and custody of the carrier. If you sign for a value that is less than the actual value of items being stored/transported, your reimbursement on a claim will be reduced by that same percentage. For example: If you are shipping items valued at $50,000, but sign for only $25,000 (50%), your claim value statement will be reduced by 50%.

Affordable Moving & Storage is not an insurance company; therefore, the options available are contractual limits of liability and are not to be construed as “insurance.” Valuation equals the degree of “worth” of the shipment. The valuation charge compensates the mover for assuming a greater degree of liability than that provided for in the base transportation charges.

I tender my goods to Affordable Moving & Storage with its limit of liability:

Option 1: Release Value Protection – This coverage protects your goods at the rate of $0.60 per pound based on the weight of the individual item. There is no charge for this level of protection while in transit. Goods in storage are not covered, this is your responsibility. AMS will not be responsible for any casualty or loss. AMS advises clients that they should check with their insurance company regarding the proper coverage necessary to cover items being stored at AMS’s facilities for the perils for which AMS does not have insurance coverage for.

Signature below indicates Release Value Protection for ALL current and future jobs, unless otherwise recorded.

(I choose Option 1) Customer Signature X________________ ______________ Date ______________________


All items in excess of $5,000 must be itemized. This helps us to recognize the high value items for special handling. We encourage you to contact your insurance agent before making final decisions. AMS limits the total value of liability for each truckload to $100,000. If your goods exceed this value, we need to be notified so we can extend coverage with our insurance company. All claims require substantiation of value. Any exceptions MUST be noted at time of delivery. Claims must be submitted in writing, within seven days of delivery. All claims will be processed in accordance with our Contract for Services.

Option 2: Declared Value Protection – This coverage protects your goods at their actual cash value (consideration for age and condition) and is based on the declared value of the items in the shipment for covered losses. The charge is $7.00 per $1,000 of the value while in transit and $3.00 per month of value while in storage for covered perils in which FDWD is covered.

You must state the declared value of your merchandise.

The declared value of my merchandise is: $_________________.__________

Signature below indicates Declared Value Protection for ALL current and future jobs, unless otherwise recorded.

Documentation must be provided. (i.e. Purchase Orders)

(I choose Option 2) Customer Signature X______________________________ Date __

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